The MemVu Photo Upload App

Sharing personal photos and using them to create game photos is a fun way to stay engaged using MemVu’s activities. Since most people have their photos on their phone, MemVu created a FREE App to make it faster and easier to upload and share photos right from your mobile device. You can even create game photos instantly. In order to use the App, you must first be registered on MemVu so the App knows where to put the photos.

From your android or Apple mobile device, go to either the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store and search on “memvu”. You should get a link to download and install the free App.

Here is what it looks like in Google.


Upload Photo

After you have signed in, you can use the App to take a photo, browse and select a photo from your device or simply send a message.


Taking a Photo to Upload

After you have clicked on the “Take a Photo” icon you will be taken to a screen which will allow you to take the new photo. Click on the camera icon to activate your device’s camera feature.

Take the photo if you are happy with it, click “Save” The photo will appear on your device and now you can click “Done”

Now you can proceed to either upload the photo to your activity center or use it to create a game piece.

Selecting a photo

To select a photo from the photo library on your mobile device, click on “Browser Photo”. The app will retrieve the photos from your device so you can select which photos to upload.

After you have made your selection(s), click “Done” You can then either upload your photo(s) or create a game piece.


Share or Create a Game Photo

Once you have either taken a photo or selected a photo from your device’s photo library, you have the option to do any of the following:

  • Edit the Photo
  • Add a Message to the Photo
  • Upload the Photo without a message
  • Create a Game Photo

Selecting Multiple Activity Centers

If you only participate in one Activity Center, then this screen will not appear. However, if you participate in multiple Activity Center, then it will ask you which Activity Center(s) you want to upload to.

Select one or more and click “Upload and Share”.


Successful Upload

If you upload the photo to be used in a game or activity, you will get a success as displayed here. If you just upload the photo to share, the message will say “Photo Successfully Uploaded to {Name of Person/Activity Center}”