Frequently Asked Questions

Brain Health Benefits (BHB) - All games are categorized according to a brain health benefit or function. These functions include: Memory (Working, Sensory and Long Term), Attention, Word Skills, Speed, Visual and Problem Solving .

Brain Health Performance Index - measures brain health function over time.

Activity Center - An activity center is the community built around the player or client.

Activity Center Groups - As the owner of all activity centers, you have the ability to group them. You can group them by geographic region, brain health condition or even by caregiver/staff. As an example, a home care company can create a group for each of their aides and assign the caregivers clients under that group.

Family Caregiving Benefits Index - This measurement looks at what matters most to a loved one experiencing a brain health condition:

  • Facial Recognition - The ability to recognize people and their relationship to you.
  • Currency Recognition - The ability to recognize and understand the value of our money.
  • Way Finding - The ability for an individual to find their way to a specific location or home.

Game Photo - This is the photo that is used as the game piece in all exercises. All game photos should be very clear, high resolution images.

Group Games - These are select games that can be played as a group where an individual can call out an answer. Group games do not include any personal photos.

MemVu Activity Reports - Consists of three types of reports to look at how much time you exercise, which exercises you trained on and what brain health functions were exercised:

  • Brain Function Training Time (BFTT) - This report details which brain function was trained by the exercises you trained with, the average time training, how long you trained and how many times you used each exercise over any selected period of time.
  • Exercise Training Time (ETT) - This report details which exercises you trained on, the average time training, how long you trained and how many times you used each exercise over any selected period of time.
  • MemVu Gym Time (MGT) - This report details how much time you are spending in the gym, whether exercises are played or you are just looking at photos. MemVu tells you the date, time and how much time you are spending every time you log in and log out over any selected period of time.

Owner - The owner of the Activity Center is the individual that has billing responsibility for any or all Activity Centers

Photo Message - These are essentially photos with a message attached to it along with a picture of the individual who sent the photo message. Photo messages can be shared and even used to create game pieces.

Staff - As the owner you can add your staff/employees to any activity center or group through the “Staff” tab.

Player - The player is the individual client who the activity center is built to benefit.

MemVu can be positioned and used for three different types of clients:

  • Individuals that can actually interact or play a game.
  • Individuals that can only play a game with an assistant.
  • Individuals that cannot play any games but can look at photo messages i.e. photos that are shared from other family members with messages attached.

Remember, MemVu is both a brain fitness training program and a family engagement resource. Depending on the capabilities of the client, you will have to adjust what aspect or feature of MemVu is applicable.

For individuals that can actually interact or play a game, you can create the activity center, print out their membership card and let them play the games when you are not caring for them along with demonstrating how family members can share photo messages with them.

For individuals that can only play a game with an assistant, you can create the activity center, print out their membership card and let them play the games directing your caregiver to the answer. You can also review and share photo messages with them sent by family members to engage them in conversations about the photo.

Individuals that cannot play any games but can look at photo messages, This feature allows family caregivers to upload photos with messages and serves as an engagement resource. Family members or your caregivers can review photos with their loved one or client to engage them in conversation about the photo.

Registration Process and Cobranding

Step 1

To register either click on “Get Started” from the menu bar or a “Start Now” button on the scrolling images.

Step 2

Click on the circle for “a Health Care Facility” and several fields will appear to complete the registration process.

The information requested will be the name and type of your organization and other generic information like contact name, address, etc. You will also be asked to add a username and password.

When you have completed this basic information, just click “Submit”. Once you have submitted your information, you will receive a confirmation email that will ask you to verify your email address. Click on the verification link in your email and you are done. Now, you can log in to your account

Cobranding the Activity Center

MemVu lets you add your company logo to be displayed at the top of each activity center and even create a profile image to display on shared photo messages. This feature is for any Activity Center you created and all the participants (the player, family members, etc.) in those Activity Centers.

Profile Image

The profile image is displayed on shared photo messages, if you decide to send one. It could be your logo or another image. To add a profile image simply click on “Browse” and navigate to an image you want to upload from your computer.

Branding all Activity Centers

Here you can add your logo, a company message or mission statement and a link to any page on your web site. To add your logo simply click on “Browse” and navigate to an image you want to upload from your computer.

Next, provide the link to any page on your web site that you want to link to under “Provider Logo URL”.

Lastly, you can add a message or mission statement under “Provider Logo Title”. The text you add will be displayed to any user as a “mouse over” i.e. when they move their mouse over your logo.

When completed, click on Submit and you are done.

Cobranding Example

Below are where and how you images are displayed on each Activity Center. Branding the activity center is a great way for other family members to get more information about your services for another loved one that may need care and your services. The profile image is less important, unless you plan on sending photo messages to your clients.

How and Where Your Logo is displayed (clickable to your web site page)

The message that will appear when an individual holds their mouse over your logo image

If you want to make changes to your profile logo, image or message, you can do so under the “Account” tab on the upper right hand corner of web page.

Creating an Activity Center for Your Client

After you log in, you can get to all your current Activity Centers and create new ones from one of these two points. Click on either one.

STEP 1 - Add an Activity CenterClick on the “add activity center” link.

Step 2 - Creating an Activity Center and adding the Player (client)

Name the Activity Center

You can call the Activity Center anything you want or just use the individual's first and last name. Here I have just named it “My New Activity Center”.

Add the Player

Your first member to the Activity Center is the person it is intended for, which is the Player. Add the Player's name and you can include their email if they have one.

MemVu will automatically select a username and password for the Player. If you want to change either one, just click on the field and type a new one. {MemVu will check to make sure usernames are available}

Tell Us About You

Telling MemVu a little bit more about the Player will help us to provide feedback to you relevant to the demographic data you supplied. For example, you can compare “Brain Health Performance Index” to others of the same age. MemVu also provides non-personal data to researchers. Once completed, click “Create” and you have successfully created a new Activity Center for the Player.

Step 3 - Print the Player's Membership Card

After you have created the Activity Center for your client (Player), a success message will appear with a link that will allow you to print a “MemVu Gym Membership Card” to leave with the client.

You can also print these Membership Cards for any Activity Center you choose from the Activity Center Tab where all your Activity Centers are located.

Your Membership Card

Here is what your Membership Card will look like. It will include the Name of the Activity Center, the username and password for the Player - your client.

Printing the card out and leaving it with your client, will allow them or the family caregiver to login and play the games when you are not there.

In order to personalize the MemVu game experience, you need to upload photos - at least 10 individuals (family, friends, etc). Uploading photos should initially be done with the family caregiver so they can learn how to do it. Besides, you will need the individual's names and relationship status to the Client (Player).

Ideally, the best way to get photos is to have them transferred from the Client's or Family Caregiver's computer to a USB drive that you can plug into your computer. Make sure the photos are the best resolution possible. TIP: If you use a family photo, you can upload the same image and select individual family members with MemVu's “crop tool”. Make sure you get a good head and shoulder image. Also, see how you can create game pieces from Photo Messages.

First, navigate to the desired Activity Center - e.g. My New Activity Center and click on it.

Next, click on the “photos” icon (red arrow below. Note: the name of the activity center will always be displayed which in this case is “My New Activity Center”)

Lastly, click on the “Game Photos” tab and we are ready to begin to upload a photo to Activity Center called the “My New Activity Center”.

Step 1 - Locate your Photo

Click on the Browse button to navigate where your photo is. It should be on your computer or a USB Drive or your phone/tablet. Once you have located the photo, select it and click “Upload”. Now, you are ready to edit it to create your game piece.

Step 2 - Create Your Game Piece

Once uploaded, you will see the original photo upload with a “crop tool” on it along with what your game photo will look like. Move the crop tool on the image to get the best full screen image possible.

Step 3 - Label the Photo

Once your photo has uploaded a little information about the image.

Select a Category for this image:
Pets, People, Places or Things. Here, it is a person so we select people

Identify the Relationship of the person uploaded to the Player. When this category is selected, MemVu will ask for the relationship.

Identify or Label the image. Since we selected people, add the name of the individual. Make sure you provide the complete name of the individual.

Description. You can add an optional description about the image. The description is not used for any game exercises but in a different section of MemVu, the photo and description can be printed.


Upload only one photo for each individual. If you have relatives with the same name and relationship, then vary the name. Example: Two cousins named Joe F. Smith. One could be Joey F. Smith or Joe Frank Smith.

Step 4 - Save the Image

Now you can just click “Save” and the image will become a game piece. You can always go back and edit the image or the content by clicking on the image in the Game Photo section. Add more photos by clicking on Browse above and selecting photos.

With MemVu, you can not only upload photos to create game pieces but use MemVu as a special Photo Sharing resource - Photo Messaging. All family and friends can now upload photos with a message and it will be shared with everyone that is a member in the activity center. Photo Messages can even be printed and shared.

To get started, navigate to the Photos tab within your Activity Center (My New Activity Center) and click it.

Then click on Photo Messages as detailed here
Step 1 - Upload a Photo and a Message or Description

To begin, click on the Add Photo Message tab within the Photo Messages section.

Similar to adding a game photo, a window will pop up for you to locate the photo on your computer, add a subject line and then a description of message below.

Step 2 - Share the Message: Send, View and Print

Send and Share. Once everything is completed, click on send message and you will see your photo below (In this example, the photo on the right was added)

View. To view the Photo Messages, simply click on the picture and your photo and message will appear. To scroll from one picture to the next, hold your mouse to either the right side of the image to move forward or to the left side of the image to move backwards. Note the photo and name of the person sending it in the upper right hand corner along with the date.

Example of a Photo Message

Printing Photo Messages. To print a photo message, click on the print icon at the bottom of the picture as indicated by the red arrows.

Here is an example of the print out of the photo message

Creating a Game Piece Using Photo Messages

MemVu has a unique feature that allows you to create game pieces from photos used as Photo Messages. TIP: This feature is actually a pretty easy way to get many game piece photos from a single photo that has many individuals in it.

Step 1 Select a Photo from the Photo Messaging section.

Check the box under the photo you want to use and click “Create Game Piece” as illustrated below:

Once you do that, a little box will pop up - select OK

Step 2 Edit the Photo

Just like creating a game piece directly, the familiar crop tool appears for you to select your image.

Select the category and add just a little bit of information. Once you are done, click on “Save” and you will have just added a new game piece. Note: You can leave the description as is.

Here is the new photo you created using a photo message image. (Example: Lora Tymoszczuk under the category of People.)

If you have questions, you can always click on the MemVu

Inviting Others into the Activity Center

Once you have created the Activity Center for your Player (client), you can add members or at least the primary family caregiver. To invite another person, click on the “Invite Others” icon within the Activity Center.

There are two ways to add members to an Activity Center: Send an “Email Invite” or “Create Member” without waiting for an email acceptance or send an Email Invite. If you are with the primary family caregiver, just use “Create Member” and let them select their Username/Password to join the Activity Center.

Email Invite. Here you can add the name and email of the primary caregiver (or anyone else) and they will be sent an email asking them to join the Activity Center for the Player which in this case is called “My New Activity Center”.If they are not registered on MemVu, they will be asked to do so first, and then allowed into the Activity Center. They will have the opportunity to select their username and password.

Create Member. To add the family caregiver, simply click the Create Member icon and select “Family Member”. This option is best used if the family member or other invitee is there with you. Select the type of participant from the drop down field, add the name of the person, let them select a username and password and have them check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.

Once you have created a new member, a success message will appear that will allow the newly created participant to print their username and password to become part of this Activity Center.

NOTE: Only registered MemVu users can share photos, view reports and invite others to the Activity Centers they have either created or are participating in. Participants in an Activity Center are not charged. Only those users that have created an Activity Center for themselves or another individual are charged.

To play the games, navigate to the desired Activity Center (in our example it is “My New Activity Center”). Once you are in the Activity Center, click on the either the “games” icon or “games” tab as illustrated below. You can play the games with the individual whether you are logged in as the individual themselves or using your own username and password. For reporting purposes, do not play the games yourself without the Player or client. All data from game activity is gathered for reporting purposes and this will skew the results.

Next, you can select a photo set you want to use by clicking within the drop down box indicated by the red arrow.

Photo sets are divided into two categories: Photos that were personally uploaded and called “My Game Photos” or “Standard Game Photos”. Personally uploaded photos are photos that have been uploaded as game pieces (You need at least 10 photos to use all the game templates). If no personal photos have been uploaded, then only the Standard Game Photos will appear in this drop down menu. Standard photos are photo sets of popular images grouped by category (For example: fruits, USA presidents, colors, etc.).

By selecting standard photo sets, it will allow you to begin playing a game or activity without waiting for personal photos to be uploaded.

The Activity Center Group function (AC Groups) allows you to “Group” Activity Centers together. So, within a group you can add or share photos across all Activity Centers or add “Staff” to a group of Activity Centers.

Example: you create a group by care provider or employee. Here you can name the group “Sally Field” and assign all of Sally's activity centers to this group. Then you add Sally to the group. When Sally logs in to MemVu she will only see the Activity Centers within her group. Assisted Living Facilities and other long term care facilities can group Activity Centers by Floor, Wing or Dept.

To get started, click on the “Activity Center Groups” tab, then click on “Add Group” as illustrated.

A window will then pop up for you to title the group and add any Activity Centers.

After titling the group, click Submit and you will have just created a new group

If you forgot to add an Activity Center or want to remove an Activity Center, click on the group - Sally Field's Clients. Once you click on the group name, a window will pop up displaying all the Activity Centers. Select the Activity Centers you want and click on Update. Here we selected “My New Activity Center” as a new activity center in the group.

As you see below (red arrow), we have added the new Activity Center to the group called “Sally Field's Clients”

Note: Adding Game Photos and Shared Photos through the “Group” Function. Let's say you have a staff member that has 15 Activity Centers and wants to add a picture of herself (or himself) as a game photo. Rather than going into each Activity Center and adding an individual photo fifteen times, you would click on the Game Photo link and add her photo once.

When the photo is submitted through this link, it will become a game piece in all 15 Activity Centers simultaneously that are part of the group. The same is true for Shared Photos.

Just like adding a photo to a single Activity Center, the process is the same.

The difference is the option to check the current Group (Sally Field's Clients) and even other Groups if you want.

As the owner of all the Activity Centers, you can add “Staff” and assign them to any or all Activity Centers. To add staff, click on the “Staff” tab and then the “Create” icon.

The Create Staff function allows you to create a new MemVu user and assign them to any Activity Center, simultaneously. This function should be done with your staff present so they can pick a username and password (passwords can be changed later).

After you click the create icon, add their name, email, username and password. All the Activity Centers you have created will be on the right. To add the staff member to any or all existing Activity Centers, check the box you want them to be part of.

Note: If your Staff member is already registered on MemVu, you can just add them to the Activity Center through the pop up message.

MemVu's reporting goals are to measure activity, engagement, brain health performance and to measure what is important to families as it concerns their loved ones: facial recognition, currency recognition and way finding

There are four basic report types :

  • Summary Report
  • MemVu Activity Report
  • Brain Health Performance Index Report
  • Family Caregiving Benefits Index Report
To access Reports, choose an Activity Center and click on the “Reports” tab or “Reports” icon

Once you click on reports, you will be given a choice of four reports to view as mentioned above.

Summary Report


Date Range Selectable
Selectable by Game Type

Tracking Engagement Time

Raw Data Output by each game

Activity Report


Date Range Selectable

Selectable by Game/Exercise Type

Tracking Engagement or Training
Time by Exercise Type

Tracking Time by Brain Function

Brain Health Performance Index Report


Date Range Selectable

Scoring based on:

 Right vs. Wrong Answers

 Time to Answer Questions/Tasks

 Complexity or Level Achieved

Family Caregiving Benefits Index Report


Date Range Selectable

Selectable by Game Type

Scoring based on:

 Right vs. Wrong Answers

 Time to Answer Questions/Tasks

 Complexity or Level Achieved

Ability to Track Individual Images

To view the report for an individual photo/person, simply click on the image and the data and graph will appear which you can print out. This report will be the most important to families caring for a loved one at home or trying to connect with them in a care facility. It can answer a question such as “Does dad still recognize his grandchildren or me”

Account Functions

To access your account information, log in to MemVu and click on either one of the “Account” icons (red arrows).

Within your account, you can edit any of your contact information, change your password and check your invoices and billing information. You can also transfer an Activity Center to any other entity or user or simply delete your account.

Once you have added your credit card, you will be billed for one month of service at the “Base Subscription Rate”. The initial date and time you submitted your credit card is when your billing cycle begins. In the event you create more Activity Centers than your subscription plan provides for, each additional Activity Center (“AC Overage”) is prorated in the next billing cycle.

You can always View and Edit your billing by clicking on the Account tab and clicking on the link under Billing Information.

Sample Invoice Reporting

Transferring an Activity Center

To transfer an Activity Center, you will need the email address of the person or entity you want to transfer it to. They will also have to be a registered MemVu user to accept the transfer.

To start, click on “Transfer an Activity Center” under the Account tab. Next select the Activity Center you want to transfer and enter the email address of the person or organization you are transferring it to. If they are already registered on MemVu, their name associated with the email address will appear underneath as a verified MemVu user. If they are not registered on MemVu, then you will have to ask them to register first. Anyone can register on MemVu for free. There is only a charge to create an Activity Center.

If this individual is the one you want to transfer it to, then just click “Transfer”. An email will be sent to them asking them to assume billing responsibility for this Activity Center. MemVu will notify you when they accept the transfer.

You can control what emails and notifications you want to receive and how often through the “Preferences” link under the Account tab.

You can even select which Activity Centers you want to get notifications on.