MemVu’s Partners in Cognition and Engagement

Roots of American Music (ROAM) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate learning in diverse communities by providing customized arts programs, workshops, residencies and performances through use of traditional American music. ROAM serves all ages and abilities. Our music spans old-time, the blues, country, gospel, Cajun, jazz, Motown and early rock.

MemVu is partnering with ROAM in what we are calling "The Music Matters Project". We are working on integrating songwriting and music as a cornerstone activity for seniors and those with brain health conditions.

Imagine a gym focused on increasing mental strength and flexibility instead of physical fitness. Drs. TJ McCallum and Peter Whitehouse from Case Western Reserve University have envisioned such a place—where local elders would have the opportunity to exercise their brains like they exercise their bodies and engage in other cognitive stimulating activities. MemVu is partnering with The Brain Emporium to create a redesigned online presence that will include resources for Brain Health and Aging Well, in general. MemVu will also staff and facilitate classes for seniors at The Brain Emporium – Intergenerational at the Intergenerational School which Dr. Whitehouse co-founded with his wife.