Background and Our Founder's Personal Story

As the founder of MemVu, Inc., we created MemVu to specifically address the needs of families caring for a loved one that has a brain health condition and for individuals to improve their own everyday brain health in a unique and personal way. We all know the benefits of physical exercise but what we tend to overlook is that our brains need to be exercised as well. When we physically exercise we challenge ourselves to do more, for example, run or walk faster and longer, lift more weights, etc. on a regular basis. If we become injured or have surgery, we know that therapy exercises can help bring us back to functioning normally. The same rational can be applied to keeping our brains working at optimal capacity. In order to keep our brains fit, we must challenge ourselves in new ways on a regular basis. Even when our brains become comprised from an injury or disease, we need to engage in exercises and therapies.

As the son of a father who had Alzheimer's, I understand the importance of keeping my brain fit and helping a loved one experiencing a brain health condition to maintain their own brain fitness. For families that do have a loved one experiencing a brain health condition, MemVu not only helps to "train the brain" but our games and activities are designed to deliver three additional benefits for the family caregiver's loved one:

  • Facial Recognition - the ability to recognize people and their relationship to you
  • Currency Recognition - the ability to recognize and understand the value of our money
  • Way Finding - the ability for an individual to find their way to a specific location or home

My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2006. I was his live-in caregiver for him for the three years prior to him entering a care facility. Consequently, I certainly understand the feelings of helplessness and frustration families face whether your loved one is at home or in a care facility. The one thing I did observe was that sharing or reviewing photos of family, friends, places and experiences seemed to improve his memory and disposition over a period of time in his earlier stages. Thus MemVu was created as way to upload and share personal photos into a game or activity format allowing families to get involved in the care process and stay connected throughout their journey of care.

Founder MemVu is dedicated to my father and all those families that are caring for a loved one experiencing a brain health condition that want to stay connected and help in their care. My father's mind was set free on April 18, 2012