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Brain Health

How do we keep our brains fit?

In order to improve brain fitness, we must engage in a variety of unique and novel challenges. Our brain ‘strength’ can increase when we take on challenging tasks. Many of us face challenging tasks every day in solving problems at work, taking care of our children, and simply navigating through the many hurdles life may throw at us. However, most of us do not challenge ourselves outside of the areas that we are comfortable with. In order to keep our brains fit, we must challenge ourselves in new ways. Two of the most effective ways to build and maintain brain strength are learning a new language or learning to play a new musical instrument. What do these have in common? They each involve learning new rules, being exposed to new ideas, and performing through speaking or playing, in order to put that new learning into practice. We cannot all learn new languages or musical instruments, but we can challenge ourselves by seeking out games that teach us new rules and show us new ideas. At MemVu, our goal is to provide our users with a variety of unique and novel challenges every day!

Why should you engage in computerized cognitive fitness?

Brain Health

In the not-to-distant-past we assumed that "you can’t teach an old dog new tricks", but scientific research on brain function has shown this to be untrue. In fact, brain training as we age is rapidly becoming the new norm among not only the baby boomer generation- but their parents and grandparents! Why should elementary school children and rocket scientists be the only ones solving challenging problems every day? We now have the technology to provide everyone with effective ways to challenge them and keep their brains fully fit. At MemVu, we provide the means to help people keep brain fit.

MemVu delivers personalized training to track your results.