Healthcare Professionals


At MemVu, we encourage participation with healthcare professionals and the families and the patients they serve. Whether you are a physician, geriatric case manager, social worker, psychologist or any other professional that sees clients with various brain health conditions, MemVu can be used as a care resource. Families simply create an activity center and invite you in. Once invited, you can view results and data. To learn more on how you can help patients and their families, you can contact us at 216-478-CARE or send us an email at

Care and Rehabilitation Facilities


For hospitals, rehabilitation centers, adult daycare centers, retirement communities, assisted living and other long term care facilities; you can choose to use MemVu as a service offering or amenity. MemVu can be used as a resource to keep families connected and involved in the care process, especially when families are separated by distance. MemVu can not only be used as a resource to effect positive patient and family outcomes but also a public relations or marketing tool to make families feel good about entrusting you with their loved one. To learn more and inquire about our volume discounts, contact us at 216-478-CARE or send us an email at


At MemVu, we encourage participation with research professionals.
MemVu is very supportive of any research project that will lend itself to helping to support individuals experiencing a brain health condition. MemVu is also interested in bringing families into the brain health care process and making them feel connected or involved.
How Can MemVu Help My Research?
    MemVu is very research friendly and was designed from the onset with that in mind. MemVu offers:
  • Free Software Licenses
  • Ability to Group Activity Centers (e.g. demographics, disease type, etc.) to establish controls or set other parameters for your study
  • Add Staff or Associates to participate by Group
  • Upload Your Own Images or Photos for Each Group or All Activity Centers
  • Capture Data for Various Reports
  • Free Software Support and Training
  • Free Software Development: Exercise Templates, Reports, Metrics.
Interested in becoming part of the MemVu Research Community? Submit a Short Application here